Welcome to Eco Built Systems

Creating Affordable and Sustainable Green Solutions


Eco Built Systems is a manufacturer of modular sustainable dome homes, green building materials and bio-friendly aquaponics systems.  The company specializes in producing modular green buildings designed for affordability, efficiency, disaster resistancy, and rapid assembly.  Our proprietary products are made of high performance green building materials, derived from as many natural, renewable and recycled resources as possible.   Our designs utilize cutting edge green building systems made of non-toxic materials.  

  •  Eco Built Dome Homes "Sustainable Domes" is our sustainable homes division dedicated to providing efficient, affordable, modular, disaster resistant housing units and dome homes.  These structures are prefabricated using 100% non-toxic building materials and are designed for permanent installation. Dwellings can also be utilized for temporary housing as “transitional shelters” in disaster response.    
  • Eco Built Materials is our green building materials division committed to providing natural composite materials for the global green building sector.  Eco Built SIPs and Eco Built MgO Boards (dry-wall alternative) incorporate mineral based building materials including Magnesium Oxide (MgO) and a volcanic rock called basalt mixed with natural structural fiber reinforcements of petrified sawdust and coconut fiber.   
  • Eco Built Aquaponics Systems is our organic gardening division devoted to providing turn key agricultural systems for “aquaponic” farming. We have incorporated permaculture principles with the latest technologies and innovations to design a system that has the highest yields, stacks many functions, and is the most space and energy efficient as possible. These systems include aeroponics and hydroponics for growing plants in a vertical column, fish tanks, sump tank, de-gasser, all pumps, pipes, and facets along with additional options such as worm bins.  The Aquaponic Systems come in all sizes starting from a small apartment to very large commercial systems.  We also manufacture dome greenhouses with sizes starting with 12 foot domes to 1 acre commercial dome hoophouse systems. 





Domes are structurally much stronger than conventional wood and mortar built box structures.  Sustainable Domes are made from natural materials, create less waste and have reduced construction times; thus, making them safer and more cost effective than traditional structures.  They are prefabricated, shipped to the site and assembled quickly.  In addition, domes use less energy to heat and cool than conventional structures and offer a more spacious feeling than the common square box.  Even more benefits include eliminating corners; therefore, contributing to improved air circulation, increased natural lighting and resistance to disasters.