About Us

Eco Built Systems was founded in 2011, with the purpose of creating high quality Eco-friendly housing, food systems and customized prefabricated structures. The company established itself in Hong Kong and then expanded operations into Shenzhen China as a (WOFE) Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise.


The current factory in Shekou/Qianhai acts as a production area for the assembly of housing panels, an experimental zone, showcasing the product line, and warehousing. It is also the largest privatized prefab builder maker-space in  Shenzhen, China. For more information on Qianhai please click here.

In 2014 the Eco Built System launched an internship program recruiting interns all year round. Students from all around the world have had experience in  engineering and business through a wide variety of projects. For more information please click here.

Casey James Carlson, CEO and Founder

Entrepreneur - Inventor - 3D Architect - 3D Engineer - Manufacturing Specialist








Casey has spent the last 14 years exploring green trends and technologies, during

which he launched an NGO called the Green Society Association in 2005. Its focus

was to develop a digital complimentary currency that traded green products and

services, with the profits being used to develop Eco-Villages and concepts for regenerative societies.

During his time in Asia he developed a strong focus specifically on the supply chain of Eco-Built construction & manufacturing products. As a Solidworks 3D Technician he builds virtual prototypes in 3D, which then gets built and tested in the Maker-Space.


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