As part of our Cube home offerings we will be usings parts provided by BSB Group. BSB is part of the BROAD Group who adopt an environmental and pro human approach to their products. BSB has a proven technological background and their goods are 5 times more energy efficient than traditional competitors. As such this will elevate the already environmentally conscious design created by Eco Built Systems.

Some of their products we will be incorporating in our designs are:

Air Filters
At Eco Built Systems we understand and priorities the importance of clean air. By using BROAD air filtration technology we will be able to ensure that indoor PM2.5 levels air levers are 100 times lower than outdoors.

Core Tubular Stainless Steel Slab
BROAD has created a strong and lightweight structure

that will be used as flooring in Eco Built System homes.

The design is formed using steel panels held together by

steels. This provides strength which is strong enough to

be used in bridges and the gaps can be filed with

insulation to ensure further efficiency. Anticorrosion tech

is also used making it more powerful than carbon steel and an almost limitless life span.


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