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Eco Built Systems offer an exciting opportunity for individuals looking to test their skills and broaden their experiences in a niche field of green technology.  Students from across the world have come to Eco Built Systems for a unique and hands on industry experience. The setting of Shenzhen, China and international colleagues also provides the opportunity for cultural immersion.

Summer Internship 2018
A group of interns from Australia and the United Kingdom worked on a variety of projects in Shenzhen China focused in green technology and sustainability. 

Dome and Pyramid Test Building

  • Building and testing models

  • Structural analysis

CNC Milling Machine Production Setup

  • Designing, programming and organizing CNC machine production

Cubic Meter Printer Build

  • Assembling 3D printer parts

  • Test printing prototypes

Business and Technology Management

  • Developing supply chain management

  • Updating website and social media


A US spring internship program with Eco Built will be offered for applicants interested in CNC Fabrication and Structural Assembly in Nevada City, California.

3d printer 2.jpg
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